Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA

Baxi Duo-tec CombiWe have built on the features that made the original, award-winning Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A so popular by adding the THINK combustion management system.

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA boasts a wide modulation range of 1:7, providing smoother operation, to deliver more energy efficiency and reliability. The range of outputs includes the popular 40kW model, which delivers a higher domestic hot water flow rate for larger properties.

Key features and benefits

  • Gas Adaptive Control - optimum combustion performance at all times, ensuring best combustion efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler and lower fuel bills for the homeowner
  • Modulation ratio 1:7 - fewer ignitions, greater reliability and lower fuel bills
  • Two speed pump - 40% reduction in electrical consumption per year
  • Pre-plumbing jig - faster installation, system can be flushed before the boiler is installed. Pipework can be installed without the boiler, which can be added at the last minute, reducing boiler theft
  • Multifit GasSaver GS1c compatible
  • Anti-cycling/pump overrun - overheat protection and prevention of boiler cycling
  • Anti-sticking function - extends boiler life
  • Auto-system bypass - removes requirement for external bypass
  • Frost protection - for greater flexibility of siting
  • 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW outputs - for different sized properties including larger homes

Compatible accessories

The next generation of Baxi boilers deserves state of the art controls and accessories. We've introduced sensors that monitor internal and external temperatures so the boiler can adjust its output to perfectly suit the home's heat requirement, and an external boiler PRV and condensate discharge pump remove the need for additional pipework.

  • Baxi Duo-tec 24 hour digital programmable timer and fascia kit
  • Wireless 24 hour programmer and room sensors
  • Wired and wireless 7 day programmer and room sensors
  • Baxi wired weather sensor
  • Multifit GasSaver GS1c

Features and benefits in more detail

Gas Adaptive Control

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA comes with Gas Adaptive Control as standard, which constantly monitors gas and oxygen levels and then adapts itself to provide optimum combustion performance at all times, ensuring best combustion efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler and lower fuel bills.

Wide modulation range

With its modulation range of 1:7 you can install this boiler knowing it will operate smoothly, efficiently and reliably, reducing fuel bills and providing peace of mind.

Single model with LPG and natural gas

There is no need for the extra cost of a conversion kit.

Multifit GasSaver GS1c compatible

Multifit GasSaver GS1c can be installed with the boiler and could contribute additional annual gas savings on domestic hot water of up to 37%† - meaning even more savings on fuel bills and greater benefit for the environment.

Anti-sticking function

Prevents pump and 3-way valve sticking which extends the life of the boiler.

Auto-system bypass

Provides further protection against overheating and removes the requirement for an external bypass.

Filling loop

Making the Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA even easier to install.

Our previous Duo-tec Combi Model

It is still possible to buy the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A without the added THINK combustion management system technology.

View the key features and benefits of the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A.

† Test conducted by independent scientific test house, TNO. Calculation based on an average household's consumption of 100 litres of hot water per day. Results were based on a comparison of a SEDBUK 2005 (> 90%) rated high efficiency boiler versus a high efficiency boiler and GasSaver.

The THINK Combustion Management System

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