Whole house boiler sizing method

Whole house boiler sizing method

It is likely that replacement boilers will more often than not be sized incorrectly. Oversized boilers not only cost more to purchase but generally operate less efficiently. This results in higher running costs and increased carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

The 'whole house' procedure aims to provide a solution to this issue by providing you with a reasonably accurate method of boiler sizing which is both quick and easy to use.

Use the Baxi Know How whole house boiler sizing calculator to find out which heating solution is the most appropriate for your development*.

Boiler sizing - the benefits

  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower running costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Lower installation costs

* Please note, this boiler sizing method should only be used for gas, oil and LPG boilers with an output of up to 25kW. It is not appropriate for combination boilers and solid fuel heating systems.

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